Tanks Battle Royale

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Battle Tanks - This is a multiplayer dynamic strategic PVP shooter in which you control a tank, combining elements of a survival simulator with a battle royale mode.

The game pits you against a large number of users with minimal equipment on a limited map. You must search the map for the loot you need and smash your opponents until only one remains in the battle royale. A characteristic feature of tank combat is the “safe zone”, which decreases as the game progresses. The longer the match goes on, the less of the map remains available for combat.

Pull your first tank out of the hangar, burst into PVP battles against 16 recruits just like you! You simply cannot leave the game until you achieve complete dominance on the battlefield. Adapt military equipment to the collected loot, the capabilities of your playstyle and destroy your enemies.

Game Features:

1) Cartoonish, very colorful 3D graphics, as well as impressive visual and sound effects. All the textures of tanks and maps are perfectly drawn, the game is suitable for true connoisseurs of beautiful pictures.

2) Fast and exciting PVP battles in a dynamic battle royale mode, real-time battles in the arena with 16 players from all over the world

3) Modernization and improvement of military equipment - these are various combat attachments for tanks, such as: a rocket system, a flamethrower, a machine gun and other equally interesting modules. Any module found can be attached to your tank.

4) A huge variety of resources and boosters. Collect first aid kits and ammunition to maintain your combat effectiveness. Sandbags will help you barricade yourself and hide from enemy projectiles so they don't hit you.

There's never a dull moment here. No PVP tank battle is like the previous one. The continuous battle will not let either beginners or veterans get bored. See you in the battle royale!